Stone and Fire: A Romantic Fantasy (Magical Kingdoms Book 1)

by Marie Robinson

A cursed princess, four dragon guards, and a hidden evil.
I’m Princess Maeve, the first in my family to have magic in four hundred years. But magic is forbidden and I’ve never been able to use it.
If I had been, I wouldn’t have needed rescuing by creatures of legend–dragons.
Now I’m in a tower, guarded by four of these beasts. But on the first full moon, I learn their secret.
When my dragon guards turn into men as gorgeous as they are dangerous, my feelings change. Suddenly I want more than just their protection. But beyond the bond forming between us, they need my help–my magic can break their curse.
Our world is under attack, and sinister forces are targeting me–and my dragons.
Can I brave the flames of the evil at the center of my kingdom–and will my heart withstand the heat of four dragon lovers?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery