Stolen Soul

by Alex Rivers

There’s a dragon in Boston. And I need to steal something from his lair.

I thought the life of crime was behind me. I was just minding my small alchemist’s shop, brewing potions and ointments for those in need. But when a man from the past steps into my home, everything changes. His nickname is Breadknife, and I owe him a debt. That’s right, I loaned money from someone called “Breadknife.” Anyone got a problem with that? He wants me to steal a crystal from a vault. Except the vault belongs to a dragon. And they tend to become quite aggravated when you plunder their hoard. Now I need to get a team that can pull this off. And if the sorcerer that joins us is sexy and intense, what about it? I’m a pro, I’m not going to let that confuse me, right? Because stealing from a dragon is not a simple job. It’s the heist of the century.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban