Steel Falcon Book 1: Awakening

by N.K. Quinn

A below-average underdog. A supercharged crime-fighter. Their shared secret could transform the world. Kalum Walker lives in the shadow of his athletic older brother.When his brother steals his meds to help calm his game time nerves, he doesn’t put up a fight. After all, the fate of his family rides on his brother’s performance. But without his pills, Kalum’s blackouts begin getting worse… and a disturbing voice inside his head starts urging him into some dangerous situations. When a blackout-related encounter with bullies puts him in a hospital bed, he starts to notice mysterious bruises all over his body. As he learns of a masked crusader serving up a new kind of justice outside the Corporation compound, he becomes locked in a battle with the voice inside his head. Can Kalum must solve the mystery of the infamous Steel Falcon and save his brother before he loses control for good?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure