STEAMCAPP: The Rising Of The Moon

by J. T. Murphy

It is 1901 and in the wake of a British-American war, Terror has struck in the Adirondacks. Archeology student Gladys Gwynn has been abducted, and the rest of the workers of ADK dig site 403B massacred. Forbidden by the kidnappers to alert the authorities, Gladys’s brother sends for STEAMCAPP to rescue his beloved sister.
The mission goes astray almost from the beginning and STEAMCAPP encounters hours none of them could possibly imagine!
What awaits them on the river? How will they defeat the Anarchists and their powerful Gryffyyn Battle Bot, and what centuries old relic lies buried within the Algonquin Temple of The Bear that could change history forever?
Aided by Professor Veronica Stonechat and accompanied by Professor Boaltt, STEAMCAPP journeys into the North Woods of the Adirondacks on a harrowing action-filled adventure and if they fail, America will surely fall!

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk



The action-packed Adirondack Adventure Continues!
STEAMCAPP has successfully rescued Gladys Vanderbilt from the hands of Barnabas Blackwell and his anarchist terrorists, and defeated the Gargantuan Were-Bear, Bearamore.

But Blackwell still holds archeologist Veronica Stonechat hostage, and he forces her to lead himself, and his remaining anarchists through the ancient Algonquin, Temple Of The Bear. For within the Temple, guarded by a series of lethal and cunning traps, lies an ancient relic of immense supernatural power.

STEAMCAPP races to rescue Veronica, in Dr. Waatt’s airship, Excelsior, suddenly intercepted They must battle the Legion Of Cain’s two advanced, and deadly airships.
In the Adirondack skies above, and in the thick North Woods below, STEAMCAPP fights one action-packed battle after another, and if they fail, America will surely fall!

Previously $2.99