by Chris Turner

Jet Rusco, hustler and black market arms dealer, faces off against the Star Lord: warlord, magician, psychopath.

Chased by bounty hunters, Rusco and his crew risk delivery of military supplies to defenders struggling on the free worlds. The Star Lord rains terror on the colonized planets with his fleet of hi-tech warships. He wants his alien tech back. The one that Rusco stole and could be key in cementing the warlord’s rule of the galaxy. At the back of the Star Lord’s plans lies the 400 year old evil of the last alien war, that left humankind stumbling in the dark, forgetting their bio-mechanical heritage, plummeting societies backward in time and technology.

Time is running out for the last sovereign planets…and Jet Rusco. Can he and his quirky team of allies band together and thwart the greatest villain this century has ever seen?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera