Starship Alexander

by Jake Elwood

The Alexander is the last true warship, and she has no place in a peacetime Navy. Captain Richard Hammett, washed up and overdue for retirement, takes her out for one last mission, giving a bunch of cadets a taste of what Spacecom used to be.

When Gates start going offline, Hammett knows it’s trouble, the kind of trouble only a ship like the Alexander can handle. It’s time to see if the battered old ship still has what it takes. She’d better: if he’s right about what’s coming, the Earth itself is on the line.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

Starship Tomahawk

by Jake Elwood

The Hive has been repelled – for the moment.

Captain James Hammett doesn’t have much time to recover from the destruction of the Alexander. Spacecom is sending him back out, this time in a hastily refitted corvette. He’s leading a tiny fleet in a bold counter-attack against the invaders.

The colony on Ariadne has been in enemy hands for over a month. Hammett’s job is to evacuate any surviving colonists and strike back at the enemy, any way he can.

No one warned him the colonists might not want to leave.

Meanwhile, the terrified people of Earth have handed control of Spacecom to the Earth Defence Force. Newly-minted officers – some who have never even been in space – are taking command of Navy ships. It’s not about fighting the Hive now. It’s about controlling the Earth.

Even as the war with the aliens heats up, another war is brewing, a war within Spacecom itself.

Previously $3.99