Starhawke Rogue Trilogy

by Audrey Sharpe

For pilot Natasha Orlov, a starship buried in a sea of sand is her ticket to freedom and independence. Sure, restoring the ship won’t be easy, especially when the Feds figure out she’s running an illegal salvage operation.

But she’s never shied away from hard work. Or challenges. Good thing, too. Because she’s on a collision course with her competition… a ghost from her past with a serious score to settle.

Just another typical day in the black.

If you like interstellar games of cat and mouse, featuring feisty rogues and wily mercenaries, then you’ll love the Starhawke Rogue Trilogy. A must-read for sci-fi fans who dream of sailing the black onboard Serenity and the Millennium Falcon.

Previously $5.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera