by Spencer Maxwell

Ryze Starlo was once a soldier, a man of honor and pride, but he left that life behind after the sinister Celestial Dominion took control of the galaxy and claimed his home world of Xovia as their own.

These days, Ryze cruises the cosmos in his ship, the Starblazer, and tracks (and sometimes kills) wanted aliens for money, all while spending way too much time arguing with Spex, his ship’s snarky AI.

But when the Starblazer receives a strange transmission from Xovia, the hero within Ryze is awakened. Because the message is a call for help. Dominion forces have attacked the planet again, thousands are dying, cities are burning, and Xovia’s young queen Jade is being mercilessly hunted down, because she possesses something the Dominion wants, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Ryze accepts the mission and sets course for Xovia. Even he knows the galaxy is worth fighting for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera