Star Force: Lost Destiny

by Aer-ki Jyr

Humanity is destroyed, a distant ghost of a memory in a region of the galaxy ravaged by an unimaginably destructive war. Entire planets lay wasted, but life begins to repopulate as travelers and the adventurous brave the ruined worlds.

Two young aliens are living on this world, abandoned to the care of friendly strangers when their father is killed, begging them to look after his children and under no circumstances let anyone see them outside their armor. For even though the children do not know it, they are Human, and the myth of Humanity is a bad one.

With no knowledge of their heritage and only their father’s last wishes to follow, Teren and Esna live a primitive life on a farm bored beyond measure and have no idea the peril that lay in front of them, for once their Human heritage is revealed everything will change as they immediately become fugitives fleeing for their lives.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian