by P.R. Williamson

Fifteen-year-old Yuji dreams of becoming a samurai and protecting his loved ones. But when a bully attacks his sister, Yuji’s violent response reveals a powerful birthright and makes him a target for the mythical, terrifying yokai.

Forced to flee his village, he falls in with a suspicious lord who claims he’ll help. Yuji resists and uses yokai power to become a red spiritblade, a master swordsman. But this power is evil and the lord captures him for his attack on Yuji’s domain. Yuji breaks the spell and flees to a mysterious island where a yokai turns him into a good white spiritblade. He learns the lord has captured his sister and raised a yokai army. He joins with a small band of ronin and leads a ragtag army to free his sister and defeat the yokai.

Will Yuji achieve his dream, or will keeping his loved ones safe require sacrificing his soul?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery