Spells & Caramels Magical Mysteries: The Complete Series

by Erin Johnson

The complete series!
10 full-length paranormal mystery novels.
Over 3,000 pages.
One delightfully witchy series you’ll never want to end.
Twenty-nine-year-old Imogen Banks is hashtag struggling.

After a disaster ends her career, she enters a baking contest for an all-or-nothing, last ditch chance at getting her life together.

But when she arrives at the mysterious island off the coast of France, she discovers all the inhabitants of the quaint town are magical and if she wins the contest, she’ll become the next royal baker at the castle on top of the hill. No worries that the last royal baker appears to have been murdered.

And one more small thing– Imogen herself is a witch!

As she struggles to learn new spells and wrangle a snarky magical flame into baking her desserts, a fellow contestant drops dead with all evidence making Imogen the top suspect.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban