Spectrum Worlds

by Seth Rain

Only one android is human enough to free the city of Lundun.
The Postman, second-generation android, is one delivery away from retiring. But when a new crime boss forces him to deliver one last package, to keep a head on his shoulders, the Postman must deliver a human called Lola.
Not only have androids expelled humans from the city, but having witnessed humans kill the woman he loved, having to deliver one is the last thing the Postman needs.
Spectrum Worlds, the first book in The Cyberpunk Uploads series, is set in a sprawling, neon-lit Lundun of 2118, walled to keep androids in and to keep humans out. Caught between an underground mafia called The Brotherhood and the state-sponsored corporation, Fr.e.dom, the Postman doesn’t stand a chance.
That is until he discovers the spectrum…

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk