by Samantha Mina

Since the dawn of Second Earth, the Island of Fire has awaited the arrival of the one mage whose dominion over the global magic network—the spectrum—will enable her to rescue the primitive, totalitarian nation from obscurity. But, when Scarlet July is born, her extraordinary magic unexpectedly renders her a third-class citizen, denied the right to education, employment and, ultimately, life. Evading execution, Scarlet finds herself orphaned and alone, struggling to survive and find her purpose.

Three-thousand miles north, in the ice island of Ichthyosis, Diving Fleet Commander Cease Lechatelierite has never had to question his purpose. Since childhood, he’s been set on track toward one goal: to annihilate magekind. But, when he comes face-to-face with Scarlet and learns her story, what will become of the convictions he’s held since birth?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by Samantha Mina

In the wake of the spectrum’s diffusion, the Island of Fire finds itself with neither magic nor technology, plunged into chaos and poverty. Scarlet July, no longer imbued with her extraordinary gifts, struggles to lead the revolution against the totalitarian government. Frightened and alone, she seeks support from her childhood acquaintance, Ambrek Coppertus, whose complicated past casts a shadow upon his motives.

Three-thousand miles north, in the ice island of Ichthyosis, Diving Fleet Admiral Cease Lechatelierite learns the victory he declared is short-lived. Despite the diffusion, his enemies figure a way to continue the international war, threatening the very coherence of the alliance that sustains his nation. Separated and scarred, will Scarlet and Cease find a means to save their peoples before it’s too late?

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