Sparks, Chronicles of the Third Realm War #3

by E. J. Wenstrom

Being Chosen by the Gods doesn’t mean much when they have abandoned you.

With a special connection to the gods, Jordan was raised to be the savior of his people. Now that the foretold final war of the realms has arrived, everyone is looking to him–leader of Haven, prophet with a direct connection to the gods’ will–for answers.

Demigods are breaking free of the Underworld and picking sides, joining either Jordan’s army ordained by the gods, or the rebel forces determined to overthrow them. And now, a new threat rises – a sorcerer more powerful than Jordan thought possible, with a legion of enchanted soldiers at his bidding, who seeks to destroy Haven before the war even begins.

But Jordan is unravelling. How can he tell his people that the gods have fallen silent, just when he needs them most?

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Category: Dark Fantasy


by E. J. Wenstrom

There is only one escape from Adem’s curse: A soul of his own.

Ages after the middle realm was destroyed by war between the gods and demigods, the creature Adem remains alone, cursed to guard a magical box for all eternity and spill the blood of anyone who tries to steal it.

When a demigod offers Adem what he longs for most—a soul of his own—Adem doesn’t hesitate, and he certainly doesn’t ask questions. But demigods never give freely, and Adem’s soul will come at a price: First, he must break into the Underworld and bring back the angel’s long-lost love.

But surely any price is worth it to become human … right? Adem will change his fate and get his soul. So long as he can ignore the questions nagging at the back of his mind long enough to see the deal through.

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