Spark City

by Robert J Power

“I honestly could not put it down” – Dyrk Aston,
#1 Best Selling Epic Fantasy

This warrior would rather gamble and drink, but the absent gods have greater plans for him.

Despite his warriors’ lineage, Erroh would rather waste his potential stumbling from one tavern to the next. However, when wanderings bring him upon the gruesome slaughter of a village he is torn from carefree ways and thrust into destiny.

Erroh must take up his swords and walk among gods. The eternal lights of Spark City and the cryptic trials of The Cull are just beyond the horizon and he must overcome the challenges within.

With a mysterious army marching forward, and unlikely companions at his side, does Erroh have what it takes to stop the coming war?

Spark City is the gripping first novel is this coming of age epic fantasy series, enjoyed by fans of Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic