Space Rogues Book One

by John Wilker

Wil, the first human to leave the solar system (not intentionally), decides to break two disgraced Peacekeepers out of prison so they can join his crew on the Ghost.

So, Wil has his crew even if they’re not what he expected. Now it’s time to get to work.

The crew is hired to break into a super secure criminal self-storage facility in deep space. The heist is a multi-POV (think LEVERAGE) scene where the team discovers that they’ve stolen a robot. A robot Wil does want to turn on, so of course, they do. Now the crew numbers five.

It’s a race against time to stop a plot to destabilize the government of several non-aligned star systems to force them to join the Galactic Commonwealth, is already in motion.

It all comes to a head with a massive space battle, some excellent flying, and some not dying.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure