Space Corps

by Ian Schwartz

Captured behind enemy lines. To survive, he’ll have to learn to fight by their rules…

At first, it’s a dream come true. Jonathan Blake, a young revolutionary hero, is assigned command of humanity’s first FTL-capable scout ship. But when the Space Corps mysteriously loses contact with an outpost beyond the Solar System, the dream becomes a nightmare.

The love of Blake’s life lives on the outpost with their child…

Racing to rescue his family, Blake and his comrades are captured by the Octos, interstellar slave drivers who force them to fight other sentients in shapeshifting, memory-erasing arenas. To survive these terrors, Blake must learn to work with his crew, as well as alien gladiators from across the galaxy. If he refuses to fight, Blake’s family—held hostage—will be slaughtered.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military