Space Clown

by John Triptych

The Galactic Empire is missing its most precious resource: a sense of humor.

Dax Bidet is just another unemployed, thirty-something slacker who still lives with his parents. Along with his best friend Buck, he spends his days making pranks and uploading them to social media.

But things are about to take a drastic change.

When Dax and Buck are mistakenly abducted by aliens, they soon find themselves in a galaxy teeming with populated worlds sliding towards war. The only way to keep the peace is to regale the rebellious planets with… comedy.

Dax has just been given the unenviable title of space clown. He has to figure out what the myriad of alien races consider to be humorous, and get a laugh out of them.

Yet there are many within the Empire who would love to see him fail. They have space fleets, armies of assassins, and planet-destroying super weapons at their disposal.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure