Souls of the Never

by CJ Rutherford

All life ends. All souls pass on. But what if yours was ripped from your body to serve the darkness?
Eons ago, the universe teetered on the brink of destruction, as the evil Tenybris and his armies consumed the galaxies. They were unstoppable, fueled by magic and the voracious darkness of the pit– until a heroic sacrifice changed everything, causing Tenybris’ defeat, and hiding the source of all magic behind an impenetrable Veil.
Now, after thousands upon thousands of years, the Veil is falling, and magic is leaking back into the universe.
In Belfast, Ireland, young Katheryne’s dreams descend into nightmare. Can she overcome her uncertainty and accept her role in the upcoming war?
As she struggles to survive against Tenybris’ renewing power, a desperate warrior searches through time and multiple realities for the face from his dreams. Can he find her in time? If not, all will be lost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel