Soul of Magic

by Mark August

“A sword may kill a single person. An idea can change the world. Imagine what someone can do with magic.”

Except using magic in Caesea is punishable by death.

Kincaid, a journeyman carpenter with artistic skills not seen in generations, discovers his shop is on the wrong side of underworld loans. In a blast of unknown and untamed power to protect those he loves, Kincaid changed his bright future in the Carpentry Guild to a dank prison beyond the laws of the city. Thrust into city politics, Kincaid faces impossible choices to escape to save his loved ones or embrace being a pawn in the games of political power. All the while a whispering voice invades his thoughts, pushing him to become the Chronomancer.

To change his destiny, Kincaid must embrace the darkest secret of magic only the Magi know.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic