Soul of Magic

by Mark August

Magic is punishable by death, and noble families play a dangerous game of political power. Kincaid is an imprisoned pawn who discovered his powers by accident, and everything he loves hangs in the balance of life and death. Can his newfound magic save his soul?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Schools of Magic

by Mark August

On the run from the ruling houses in Caesea, Kincaid struggles to honor the wishes of his former teacher. Unstable magical power leads to rejection in the ancient capital of the Empire of a Thousand Spears and leaves the young magi without a purpose. Scrabbling to stay alive, Kincaid finds company in a group of misfit sorcerers bent on uncovering the darkest depths of power. Facing impossible moral challenges, Kincaid, with new companions at his side, must make a stand against a new generation of magicians.

Will the ability to bend time be enough for a single Chronomancer to confront the Schools of Magic?

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