Soul Fraud

by Andrew Givler

A demon stole Matthew Carver’s soul. They’re not supposed to do that.

Matt has a terrible life. Seriously—it’s awful. It is so bad that Dan the Demon is shocked when Matt turns down his infernal offer: 10 years of a blissful life in exchange for his soul.

But Dan is a salesman behind on his quota and his demonic managers are running out of patience. He forges Matt’s signature on the dotted line, stealing his soul and thrusting him into a supernatural world he never knew existed. Matt must learn to navigate the hidden society of demons, faeries, demigods, and worse.

Matt has to get his soul back and stop a supernatural war before it is too late….

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dandelion Audit

by Andrew Givler

The Dandelions are following Matthew Carver.
He’s not crazy. They really are following him. Matt owes the Queen of all Fae a phone call, and she is tired of waiting. But she’s not the only one looking for him. A fallen angel has escaped Hell to settle their dispute with Matt—permanently.

Trapped between the Dandelion Court and the Pit of Darkness, The Hunt must figure out how Matt’s going to survive his next birthday, let alone get his soul back.

Previously $4.99