Song of Earth

by C.S. Hand

Unless Sam and Jade “fix the planet,” all humans will die in six months.
Or so the Visitors say. They give no instructions—and no description of a “fixed” planet. It’s impossible! But the Visitors never lie or joke. And they’ve never been violent. What secret are they keeping?
Sam and Jade’s Earther group has no choice but to accept the Visitors’ ultimatum. But what can they do that’s big enough to fix the planet? The best ideas they have are music and telepathy. They’re doomed!
And besides the alien threats, unknown humans are sabotaging them. Vandalism. Bombings. Shootings. But who could object to saving the planet? Will someone die before the six months are up?
And if they can’t save the planet, will they—and all humanity—really die?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure