Solace Lost

by Michael Sliter

“Sliter has crafted something that would definitely make the Lord and Queen of Grimdark proud.” – Novel Notions

During times of war, no one goes unscathed. By Ultner, even in times of peace, few can escape suffering. Ardia is on the brink of civil war, though most citizens are woefully unaware of this fact.

Amidst this rising conflict, a guardsman-turned-criminal, a gifted girl from a cross-roads inn, a handmaiden, and a demi-human struggle to survive politics, religion, and war.

A story of love lost and family destroyed, of bigotry and belonging, of suffering and strength, and of religion and magic, SOLACE LOST grows from a character-driven tale to something grand in scale, perhaps even involving the gods, themselves.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic