Socrates and the Councillor: A John Tesh Novel

by Thomas Fay

The year is 2044 AD.

The Iona Corporation has achieved what no other corporation has before—a seat at the UN—in addition to unsurpassed wealth and a city-state of its own. All thanks to its revolutionary clean-energy technology—the Flux Cell. Now, on the eve of the first UN Security Council summit to be held in the sovereign city-state of Iona, it faces its greatest challenge ever.

When a series of seemingly unrelated events culminates in unprovoked attacks on the city of Iona, it’s up to the Sentinels’ top investigator, John Tesh, to stop those behind it. Not only will John have to contend with the most dangerous adversary he’s ever faced but he’ll have to figure out the truth behind his new partner, the man known only as—Socrates.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure