by Jonathan Brazee

Lance Corporal Gracie Medicine Crow volunteers to be a scout-sniper, one of the deadliest—and most dangerous—military specialties in the United Federation Marine Corps.

Making it through the sniper school as the honor grad, she becomes a technically skilled sniper. Small in stature and considered stunningly beautiful, she is often underestimated, but that merely drives her to be the best sniper in the Corps. Somewhat shy, she doesn’t mix well with others well. She feels her shooting should speak for itself.

But being a scout-sniper is far more than simple marksmanship. If she wants a career in the Corps, she must learn not only teamwork, but how to be a leader of Marines—and that is if she can even survive.

Follow Gracie as she’s assigned one mission after another, each more dangerous than the last.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military