by Brandon Berntson

A cloaked figure arrives in Ellishome, Colorado besieging the town in murder, madness, and evil. But as the people search for answers, Seth Auburn, an eleven year old boy, has some questions of his own, especially when Ben, a magical tiger from another world, appears in the meadow beyond his backyard.

Ben and the stranger are linked, waging wars for centuries across the galaxies, and their most recent battle has brought them to Ellishome.

Seth can aid the tiger in destroying the stranger forever. But it’s going to take more than an act of faith and some mystifying words from Ben to defeat this all-consuming evil. Seth is going to have to trust the tiger with his very own life.

With a gang of newfound friends, Seth and his companions travel deep into the Rocky Mountains, where parallel worlds and ancient foes meet them at every turn. They’re on a quest to find a palace they’ve only dreamed about, a celestial edifice that stands between the world of light and dark.

As their dreams become reality, the mystery of their quest unfolds, and Seth and his companions find themselves caught between an age-old battle of good against evil.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban