SMASH: The Singularity

by J.M.F. Fisher

First contact.
A galactic test.
One desperate chance to save humanity.

Tarek Kutriah completely believes AI is the future. Driven to transform himself into the most intelligent being on Earth, the NASA scientist has implanted a permanent brain-computer interface directly into his skull. So when aliens invade and demand humans prove their right to exist, he accepts the challenge… and immediately fails.

Susan Ma Ash is running for her life. Known by her nickname “SMASH,” the over-achieving high schooler is in the middle of a cross country race when it’s interrupted by a hostile extraterrestrial invasion. And now trapped in Houston under an impermeable dome, the take-charge teenager helps her best friend escape brutal attacks.

Are they witnessing the beginning of the end of civilization?

Read SMASH to find out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion