by Michael Pogach

Byron can see the future—but she can’t change it.

It’s a curse she’s been running from for years, just like she ran away from home. From her father’s contempt. And the guilt of her mother’s death.

But when her father dies suddenly, Byron finally finds herself back home. A quick visit, she thinks—collect her inheritance, say hello to her childhood best friend, Chase, and be gone before morning. Except Chase is missing…and no one seems to be looking for her.

Desperate to find her friend, Byron instead uncovers a pattern of young women who’ve vanished from this town over the years—a pattern that points to her dead parents, and to the mysterious source of her visions. Now, with a killer closing in, Byron must learn to break her curse and change the future she’s seen. Her life—and Chase’s—depends on it.

“Gripping, brilliantly paced & screaming to be adapted into a hit TV series”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban