by K. Patrick Donoghue

No one knows what to make of the mysterious clicks.

To Ajay Joshi, the amateur astronomer who discovered the strange sounds, the clicks represent proof of aliens on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter.

To space agency radio experts, the clicks are nothing more than terrestrial radio interference, so-called skywaves.

To Dr. Kiera Walsh, an aerospace engineer introduced to Ajay, the consistent, repetitive pattern of the clicks points to the possibility of a lost Martian probe caught in Callisto’s orbit.

To Augustus Amato, space exploration privateer and Kiera’s employer, the clicks herald something more ominous orbiting Callisto.

Compelled to learn the true source of the clicks, Amato launches a fleet of experimental probes to investigate. The mission produces a string of startling discoveries that spark a controversial race to preserve the discoveries before they are destroyed or suppressed.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction