by S.M. Gaither

For centuries, the underwater empire of Caspia has thrived–a utopia protected by keepers like Aven, whose magic allows her to reinforce the barrier that keeps her world safe, separated from the great Sea-Above and from all of the evil on the other side of it.

But that sea has never liked being restrained.

And now strange things are happening in the western corners of the empire. There are rumors of that barrier failing. Of rising flood waters. Of a tidal wave of destruction that is spreading, racing toward Aven’s own peaceful kingdom. When a routine sky sealing goes tragically wrong, Aven finds herself thrust into a journey toward those hostile western lands, desperate for answers.

And what she discovers will challenge everything she once believed, forcing her to rise and meet an impossible destiny–or else watch the sky crash down and drown her along with the rest of her world.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age