Six Strings

by C. Billie Brunson

Carl Percival (Percy) VanNess inherits a guitar from his father. He’s intent on learning to play and wants to use it as a way to fame. But this guitar is not as benign as it appears. When it is played, it incites anyone who hears to murder whomever is in sight.

Troubles escalate when Carl lets his buddy Peyton borrow the guitar. Next, Mat, Peyton’s older brother, gets caught up in the same diabolical intrigues surrounding the guitar. Only Stacey, Carl’s girlfriend, is aware and seems immune to the Gibson’s evil persuasion. Is this due to some latent magic she holds within, dumb luck, or something else entirely?

Can she, with the help of her loyal Lab, Diva, convince her friends to let go of something they cherish before it destroys all of them?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban