Sisters Of Fangs

by Carlo Hart

Emily and Luna move to Frazier Mountain to investigate the rumored monster and alien attacks. They figure it will be the perfect place to grow their social media brand.

When Emily and Luna, two sisters from Los Angeles, hear about all the paranormal activity on Frazier Mountain, they decide to move there and see if the stories are true. Armed with a camera and a tripod, they are ready to capture footage that will go viral and jump start their fledgling social media careers.

Now they find themselves surrounded by dark woods and horrible creatures. Will they fight the growing evil before it takes over the mountain and then the world.

Sisters of Fangs is the follow up series to the Mountain of Fangs series that has scared so many readers into the night.

Rent a cabin on Frazier Mountain. Come for the quiet, stay for the monsters.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban