Sirens Unbound

by Laura Engelhardt

Amy’s just your everyday neurosurgeon who can fix everyone’s brain but her own. Even if she regularly works with mages on complex medical procedures—she’s still a mundane.

She’s turning 50, and her last achievement was what, 10 years ago? She’s not sure if anyone even remembers it. Determined not to be a one-hit-wonder, Amy jumps head-first into a new opportunity. Literally.

Some people have affairs to deal with a midlife crisis — Amy has brain surgery.

The results are even bigger than her career ambitions, and Dr. Amy Bant will need the help of her siblings to survive what comes next. Cordelia, an agoraphobic underwater photographer, Thomas, a playboy with a Brazilian tourism business, and Mary, a choir director with a truth-teller husband are all keys to unlocking secrets a whole lot closer to home than any of them could have realized.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Mages Unbound

by Laura Engelhardt

It’s ironic to find out your whole life has been a lie when you’re married to a truth-teller.

If only Mary could find some humor in it. She’s drowning her sorrow in vodka and song when a surprise visit from her youngest sister jolts her into accepting the magical reality hidden from her for fifty years.

As the two Bant sisters grapple with sirens, faeries and the FBI in America, their brother is trapped in a high-stakes game of mage politics in Australia. Meanwhile, middle-sister Amy’s malfunctioning mage-sight forces her to seek help from the very same mages who tricked her once before.

Can Mary pull herself together in time to rescue her family from the coming war?

This is Book 2 in the Fifth Mage War Series, a magical epic about sirens, faeries, and family ties.

Previously $2.99