Siphon: Power Comes WIth A Price

by Jason Fox

Apollo, a human-alien hybrid with the otherworldly and unwelcomed ability to kill with a touch, is born and imprisoned in Area 51. A moment of skin-to-skin contact with Apollo instantly turns a person to ash—and creates a massive surge of energy that temporarily ignites other superhuman powers within him. Apollo’s government jailers look to study and exploit him, but he escapes as a teenager and, for a time, finds the simple joys of living as a human before his discovery and recapture.
When dark days threaten humanity’s future, will Apollo play the reluctant hero?

“Siphon reminds me not of traditional science fiction but of a 1980s Stephen Spielberg blockbuster, in literary form.”
—David Aretha, award-winning author and editor

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion