Sins of the Nephilim: Fallen Conspiracy (The Nephilim Legacy Book 1)

by Antara Mann

The Magic Council declared my kind an abomination. Now I’m their only hope.

I’m a Nephilim, one of the unlucky few fathered by a fallen angel. If the supernatural elite finds out what I am, they’ll destroy me.
“Hide your magic and lay low,” that’s my mantra. Until a handsome guy up-to-the brim with magic appears at work and starts asking me questions.

Curse the fates, this guy can’t be fooled. Turns out he’s a high-profile angel and member of the Council of Nine — an ancient secret organization that fights a cult of dark Nephilim. What’s more bizarre is that the Council claims I’m the only one who can thwart the Nephilim’s evil masterplan for a magical apocalypse. “Only a Nephilim can kill another Nephilim,” they said. To accomplish this mission, I have to procure the Scroll of Lies and hand it to the Council.
So what’s a poor girl to do? Accept the job with a pay raise of course

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban