Silver’s Gods: Tapestry Cycle Book 1

by Rich X Curtis

Her name is Silver, an immortal assassin traveling through time for thousands of years. A tool of mysterious gods who assign her missions to shape humanity, death is impossible and she endures wars, ancient kingdoms, greedy rulers, plagues, and human desperation.

They send her to Silicon Valley. Known for innovation and technological wonders, it’s also the hunting ground for Silver to carry out her mission. As a tech giant is about to reveal its crowning achievement — a friendly Artificial Intelligence designed to take humanity to new heights — the CEO is assassinated before the project is unveiled. But why?

Silver soon realizes things aren’t what they seem. The AI is a lethal technology called a Mind, putting mankind and the multiverse at risk in ways Silver could never have imagined. Can she annihilate the bloodthirsty Mind before it’s too late?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel