by E.A. Burnett

Most people believe that Ember is the wizard daughter of Lord Arundel, a half-mad man who is infamous for his slaughter of shapeshifters.

Only Ember’s former lover and her mother know what she really is—the same kind of shapeshifter that Lord Arundel likes to hunt. She’s been keeping her secret all her life, but somehow Lord Arundel’s assistant, Fletch, suspects what she really is. Ember may be the last of her kind, and Fletch will stop at nothing to capture her—even if she is the daughter of a lord of the Council.

Running is her only option, and it seems she has a turn of luck when she discovers others like herself. But she soon realizes that wherever she goes and whoever she meets, danger will follow, and at too high of a price. It is up to her to save the few remaining shapeshifters—but how can she defeat Fletch and Lord Arundel without becoming the same monsters that they are?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic