Silence of the Stars

by Patrick Leitzen

James Enoch is supposed to be dead. Last he knew, his illustrious archaeology career had ended, along with his life, in the fiery climax of a botched excavation. Chief Engineer Lania Surkov, on the other hand, is a disgraced planetologist with no desire beyond restoring her prior standing with the Terran Coalition and returning to Earth. Thawed from cryo-sleep after a century-long journey, these unlikely candidates find themselves tasked with a dangerous mission six lightyears from home.

The planet they land on is supposed to be a barren, lifeless wasteland. However, they are shocked to find that there is a successful, pre-Coalition human colony already thriving planetside, enabled by the enigmatic functions of an alien terraforming device. Tensions boil over into outright hostility as Lania and James become the only things standing between humanity and full-scale interstellar war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure