Shifting Dimensions

by Justin Sloan

Marines think outside the box, but what happens when they think outside the known universe and time itself?

Whisked away through time loops that distort reality, a group of Space Marines explore different worlds and shifting dimensions as they combat an alien invasion. The edge-of-your-seat adventures in these alternative realities form the backbone of this anthology, which is full of exciting stories from debut and best-selling authors in the science fiction genre. Come aboard and experience exhilarating battles against mechs, drones, alien warriors with biotech armor, and tales of future combat that will blow your mind.

Featuring a Foreword by Nick Cole

Featured Authors:
L.O. Addison
George S. Mahaffey Jr.
Kyle Noe
Gentry Race
Justin Sloan
Jonathan Yanez

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel