Shattered Stars

by C. S. Gaymon

Life is unpredictable.

That was a fact that escaped Connor for many years…

…until he awakes in a room he doesn’t recognize, with his body changed into something he doesn’t recognize.

Memories of the alien abduction flashed behind his eyes. Only one thing was for certain: he wasn’t going to attend college the next day.

A renegade alien helps him escape, but when he sneaks back home, his family is missing. Have they been transformed too?

Amid the search for his family, he uncovers an elaborate plan for an alien invasion, using the very citizens of Earth as their army. But does he have the grit to challenge such a plan? Failure will literally cost him the world.

If you like unique alien species, ultra-advanced technology, and edge-of-your-seat fight sequences, then you’ll love Shattered Stars. Interested?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera