Shadows of Divinity

by Luke R. Mitchell

Haldin Raish is determined to follow in his father’s legendary military footsteps. But when he witnesses the brutal murder of his parents by the Legion’s own High General, his life shatters before his eyes. Rescued by a stranger with incredible powers, Haldin discovers the general was possessed by a ruthless alien… and his parents’ murderer isn’t the only demon in the ranks.

With the savage creatures in positions of power throughout the planet, Haldin must rely on his new friend and his own fledgling abilities to avenge his family. When anyone can be a murderous alien in disguise, he can’t help but keep his allies few, including a captivating raven-haired girl with secrets of her own hidden behind her beauty. To have his revenge and save the planet, Haldin must develop his own powers in time… or end up another gory feast for the bloodthirsty invaders.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion