Shadow Souls

by Christopher Nooner

“Her eyes adjusted to the light as she peered at the letters. Her breath caught in her throat. It was her name. Keezie.”

Smart and successful, Keezie Stockman’s life is perfect until her grandfather dies and leaves her a mysterious trail of cryptic messages that lead to a discovery which throws that perfect life into a dark and dangerous tailspin.

A life sentence in prison is literal hell if you aren’t prone to dying. Ask Eli Seven Crow. Forty years at The Farm have taken a toll on his strength and will, but for a man like Eli there is only so long that he can avoid his calling. Only so long before his long list of enemies come knocking and thrust him back into the maelstrom of violence and dark power that has ruled his life for over 200 years.

When events pull the two into each other’s orbit they begin to wonder if they were meant to save or destroy one another.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban