Shadow Souls

by Christopher A Nooner

Welcome to the south, the hidden center of occult America. A wild land where tales of gods and demons, werewolves and shapeshifters whisper though old growth forests. A world where magic is as likely as the Tree of Life.

This is Eli Seven Crow’s world, a world that he has both loved and hated for the two hundred years. A world he doesn’t understand. Because though it’s intent on killing him it won’t let him die.

He’s experienced the cruel history of America, and fought against the crushing grip of the Mahan Group. An ancient secret society who’s founders are the reason humans fear the dark.

To those few that have heard stories of him he is a fantasy superhero. To those that haven’t he’s a shadow, a nothing, a face in the crowd.

Until he saves Keezie Stockman. The swirling mystery she’s knotted up in binds him as tight as cords, and soon he realizes it’s not her mystery at all.

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Category: Dark Fantasy