Shadow Island


On a prison planet for banished elementals stripped of their magic… Determined to find and rescue her parents, Astra assembles a team of young elementals like herself and plots a course across the treacherous Shadow Island to reach the portal to Earth.

Along the way, it wasn’t just the mutant aliens she had to go up against, but the group must also face the wrath of the Elements.

When the journey unearths the secrets that had been buried since before her birth, Astra can only hope not to crumble under the massive weight of the expectations of those who think she is the key to leading the elementals out of their banishment.

Read now for an exciting young adult fantasy story. Featuring a dystopian alien planet, a slow build teen romance, and lots of epic magic action and adventure with the girl on a mission and crazy twists along with a volcano or two!

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age