Shadow Crusade

by Jessaca Willis

Demons will perish. The Primordials will fall. And the Shadow Crusade will rise victorious.

When horrifying monsters kill Halira’s and Dimitri’s families, they join the Shadow Crusade, a legion of warriors tasked with destroying demon-kind.

Together, they’ll avenge their loved ones…or die trying.

That’s the plan, that is, until Halira meets the roguish half-demon responsible for killing her parents and discovers that perhaps there’s more to demonkind than she’s been told.

Will her doubt drive a wedge between her and Dimitri? Can she be the savior her country needs? Or will the allure of dark forces thrust her into the shadows?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Blighted Heart

by Jessaca Willis

She trained to kill demons…now she’s becoming one.

While fleeing the Castle of Nigh and her own execution, Halira was bitten by a demon of the Shadowthorn.

Such a wound would kill any mere human. But Halira’s not just human. And her newly-discovered druid heritage will protect her…for now.

It’s up to Halira and the mysterious half-demon man she’s stumbled upon to find the cure before the demon toxin runs its course and kills them both.

Previously $4.99