Shadow Born

by Alex Gates

Once an elite supernatural assassin… …Joseph has let himself go. Will he ever find his wife’s killer?
He left his magic-using ways behind when he quit the supernatural assassin business. Through drink and biting sarcasm, he hoped to erase the pain of losing his wife. Joseph’s only reason for living at all was Mel, his daughter. But he’s special in ways that his enemies can’t ignore, and he doesn’t realize.
They need him.
Ancient artifacts lie dormant, and the Sorceress, Medea, knows there’s only one way to unleash their power. It will put her on the path to summoning unimaginable power.
And she knows Joseph’s weakness.
In the shadow-world of vampires, angels, and demons, an epic battle brews. Joseph has no idea how his life is about to change.
Will he be ready?
You’ll love this Urban Fantasy, because of the unique magic system and the wealth of snarky banter.

Previously $3.99

Category: Dark Fantasy