Sferogyls: A Galactic Empire Invasion & Battle Story (Timurud Book 1)

by Mit Sandru

A Galactic Empire Invasion & Battle Story
The Sferogyls, ball-shape people, are a peaceful kind. The Maggotroll Empire, warlike hominids, invade to conquer and enslave them. The Sferogyls do not have even a military force, while the Maggotrolls possess Galactic Battle-Carriers. The Sferogyls ask the cosmic gods for help, and god Timurud is assigned to aid them. As a god he’s not allowed to fight on anyone’s behalf, but he can help the Sferogyls prepare to defend themselves. Trouble is they have only one year to build up their defenses and learn how to fight a formidable enemy in space and on the ground. This is a David vs Goliath epic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire