by Victor Acquista

A telepathic warrior race, intent on being the supreme sentient race in the galaxy, confronts another highly advanced telepathic civilization, one that lives in a peaceful shared collective consciousness. Following the near-complete genocide of the peaceful civilization, their survival strategy to establish a hidden colony has unintended consequences.
Humanity’s fate rests in the hands of misfits and outcasts in this epic tale of defeat and resurgence spanning 168,000 years of struggle…

“…a marvelous work of science fiction at the highest level.”–San Francisco Book Review 5-stars
“This is a work to be savored.”–JJ Amaworo Wilson, Award-Winning author
“A work of unimaginable power…This is the level of Stanislav Lem or Robert Heinlein. Everyone who loves science fiction must read this.” 5-star Amazon reviewer

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera