Selling Out (Mercenary Warfare Book 1)

by Zen DiPietro

It’s all just fun and games unless a profit can be made.

Cabot Layne is a trader, through and through. Some might call him a pirate, but he never breaks the law. He only bends it. One thing’s for sure–he’s certainly no hero. Except a certain BlackOp officer seems to think he is, and sends him off on a mission only a trader can pull off.

That only a very good trader can pull off.

War is good for business.

Cabot’s not concerned with the safety of an allied planet, or even the PAC itself—everyone knows guys like him are privateers who only care about themselves. But if he can save the planet and make a profit too…well, that might not hurt his reputation too much.

Sometimes a shady guy needs to play good guy.

For fans of seat-of-the-pants fun of Guardians of the Galaxy, or the character-driven frontierland of Firefly, Mercenary Warfare is a satisfying, page-turning read.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire